(Or as Churchill might have said ‘The end of the beginning of the end’)

Have you heard that Boris Johnson has announced that he will suspend parliament until after no-deal BREXIT is inevitable. This is a completely transparent, cynical manoeuvre that tramples all over the very heart of our parliamentary system and, if it is unopposed, and successful, opens the path to a very dark future.

We (The People) fought (and died) for centuries to establish an effective parliamentary democracy with our parliamentary representatives elected by every person having one vote.

Boris Johnson has shown his utter contempt for The People and their representatives and Parliamentary Democracy in particular with his latest announcement to suspend parliament. There are many Conservatives (including an ex Chancellor of The Exchequer, an Attorney General as well as The Speaker (The guardian of our parliamentary system) all saying this as well as all other political parties.

Johnson is a well documented liar who has shown many times that he has no fixed moral compass and is prepared to say anything if it delivers him power (he has been forced to accept these statements as facts when made by others in public).

He has no personal mandate as Prime Minister having been elected by a majority of 160,000 Tory Party members – predominantly old white men with a extreme right wing social, economic and political opinions that are deeply at odds with every poll of wider public opinion.

This is much much bigger than BREXIT – remain – deal – or no deal.

Johnson is hoping that he can hijack the genuine and passionate support of a large minority of the population for BREXIT to support these deeply undemocratic moves that will set precedents that will shake the foundations of our democratic system.

Make no mistake – these are the moves of an individual motivated only be personal power. In his twisted mind he might even delude himself that Boris in power will be good for the country. But – an uncontrolled leader who has no moral compass, or integrity, can only be bad for us all and massively increases the risk of a full blown fascist state in the UK. History has shown us how this can happen all too easily and many do not recognise how far down that road the UK has already gone towards this dark future. We have the most centralised power structures of any economically advanced democratic nation and our economic model and laws systematically channels wealth and power away from The Many to The Few. Millions are working full time but not earning enough to raise their families. Big capital is in control. The British people have stood up bravely against a fascist threat in the past – we need to honour our parents and grandparents who gave their lives – and stand up and be counted again – before it is too late.

Every democrat, from every party (Labour, Liberal, Green, Conservative or BREXIT) and even more, those whose loyalty to our country and democracy, but no fixed party allegiance, should be protesting this outrage with all their might. We should be together, out on the streets, with our children. Let this moment slip by and it might be too late next time.

Andy Metcalf

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