Written by Andy Metcalf

Most of the commentary around Boris Johnson and Pritti Patel’s points based immigration proposals talk about low ‘skills’ when describing the people who will not qualify for entry to the UK. I would like to emphasise that it is not low ‘SKILLED’ workers that will be excluded but low ‘PAID’ workers. Anyone one who uses the ‘low pay’ label is reinforcing their false messaging and assisting the Tories in their disgusting ‘dog whistle’ policy. For example, do we really believe that experienced care workers that have the necessary empathy, patience and skills to provide quality support enabling the best possible quality of life to those of us who are unfortunate to be infirm, have alzheimers, dementia, autism and a myriad of outer conditions, are LOW skilled?

I know that I, a once well paid accountant and corporate executive could not do these jobs well, and I suspect that is true of many highly paid people. If it would not be too cruel to those needing the care – I would love to witness and judge the performance of Boris Johnson, Pritti Patel and other TORY MPs backing this policy if they had to do these jobs. They are most definitely not LOW SKILLED. it is just that our society rewards these, and many other, indescribably important and challenging jobs with LOW PAY.

I am campaigning to persuade as many people as possible, particularly commentators, to absolutely refuse to conflate low pay with low skill, and to call it out every time someone does. This will help reveal this appalling TORY immigration policy for what it is, populist rubbish designed purely to divide, stigmatise, and appeal to the lowest common demoninator, even when it means actually damaging the quality of care most of us and our loved ones will need at some point in our lives. Fascism is a process for winning power, not an ideology and this segregation by pay is nothing less than low level fascism designed by the few to win and hold on to power.

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